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Migrating Your Data To AdviserLogic

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One of the key considerations of switching planning software providers is the wealth of client data and information that needs to be transferred from one provider to another.

We understand that the thought of losing any of your invaluable data can make you question the idea of making the switch. We have guided hundreds of clients through the process of migrating their data from various providers to AdviserLogic and assure you that we will work with you to make this as painless as possible.

We will collaborate closely with you through the process to ensure your data migration is progressing smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

► How does the data migration process work?

Upon receiving a copy of your data (normally as a SQL.bak file), our data migration team run a rigorous migration process including data analysis, field mapping and working with you to ensure a smooth data transition.

► How much time will it take to migrate my data?

Data import timelines will vary depending on the size and complexity of the data. Once you have signed off on the review file, your basic data import generally takes 1-2 weeks. Attachments like file notes and documents will be imported afterwards and generally take 2-3 weeks.

During the onboarding kick-off call, your Onboarding Consultant will discuss your data migration requirements in detail and can help confirm estimated timelines for your data migration.

Note: data feeds are generally turned on once the basic data import is complete. Your Onboarding Consultant will assist you with managing the timing of this transition.

From most providers, we do not migrate “Tasks”. This is primarily due to irreconcilable differences between software providers in how this type of data is stored. Please contact your Onboarding Consultant with any task related migration questions.

► How do I start the process?

Request a full database backup from your current software provider. This should be completed and provided to us as soon as possible to avoid delays in your onboarding.

Sample Instructions to your previous provider

Dear xxxx,

[Licensee / Adviser Name]

Please provide us with a full database extract of our client data.

To facilitate an easy migration, please ensure that:

  • Basic client data includes unique identifiers, any links between clients, partners, and any associated entities like Companies, Trusts, and SMSFs.
  • File Notes are included in a full, human-readable format.
  • Attachments and other documents are provided with full linking information to allow them to be matched to the note or client they belong to.
  • All data provided should be human-readable format / SQL .bak file. Hexadecimal formatted data is not accepted.

  • ► What file format is required?

    Most software providers, like Xplan, Midwinter and COIN have a standard format.

    If you are not migrating from one of these providers, the backup may be provided in multiple data formats. We recommend you provide data in SQL backup format or CSV format, and upload to our secure SFTP server. We may be able to use other formats, but this may impact the timelines and cause delays to the process. Some providers may take several weeks to provide you or us with your data, so it is best to request this as soon as possible. Please contact your dedicated Onboarding Consultant for any additional questions regarding format.

    I received my data backup. How do I share it with you?

    Once you have received the backup, you can choose either of the following ways to share it with us.

  • For Xplan and Midwinter extracts:
  • You will be given a date for your data extract by your current provider, and on this date they will transfer your data files to a secure server and provide you with a Password and User ID to unlock this. Please provide these details to your Onboarding Consultant.
  • For other software providers or your own database:
  • Upon request your Onboarding Consultant can provide you with details on how to upload your data to a secure SFTP server. Establishment of this secure portal will take one business day.
  • An alternative is to use Dropbox, your Onboarding Consultant can provide you with the details.
  • The above direct transfer options are the most efficient methods. For additional options, such as delivery via hard drive or USB, please discuss with your Onboarding Consultant.

  • What happens after I have shared the data backup with you? Will it all be migrated in one go?

    The data migration will commence following a review of your data. This review is to ensure that your data is mapped to the correct fields in AdviserLogic. Your Onboarding Consultant will work with you to ensure your data mapping is correct. This review process generally takes 3-4 days. Data migration then commences and typically takes 12 business days. This timeframe is an estimate with some imports taking longer due to data format, quality or quantity.

    ► What happens when I have existing data feeds?

    You cannot turn on data feeds with AdviserLogic until you have turned them off with your existing provider. Your Onboarding Consultant will assist you with managing the timing of this transition.

    I have some specific data that I do not want to migrate. How can you help me with that?

    Your Onboarding Consultant will assist you with any specific requirements including what data to exclude or options to separate so it does not form part of your primary database. It’s important to discuss any requirements with your Onboarding Consultant during the review stage.

    Can I use AdviserLogic while my previous data is being migrated?

    You can use AdviserLogic for new client records that are not included in your database backup.

    We do not recommend that you set up existing clients in AdviserLogic as it will cause duplicate client records once your data migration is complete.

    Once your data has been extracted from your previous database, changes you make to your old system will not be transferred to AdviserLogic. During this transition period, you should minimise requirements for database changes and manage those required in a way to easily apply once your data migration has been completed.

    Is there a way for me to check if the migration has successfully completed?

    Your Onboarding Consultant will inform you when the data migration is complete. You can then start to check your data, and if required provide us with any corrections needed. To avoid delays, we recommend you complete your data review within two weeks. We will work with you to ensure any corrections are applied as quickly as possible.

    Can I merge two databases from different sources as part of my import?

    We do not recommend importing data from multiple separate sources. It will increase the duration required for the migration process significantly and may leave you with a lower quality result. Please contact your Onboarding Consultant to discuss your circumstances.

    Can I upload two databases separately?

    Each database will be handled as a separate import. Your onboarding service includes one single, structured data migration. Please contact your Onboarding Consultant if you require additional data imports.

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